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Woman Hospitalized after Bicycle Accident on County 14th and Highway 95 [Somerton, AZ]

1 Injured in Somerton Bicycle Crash on County 14th and Highway 95

SOMERTON, AZ (November 22, 2020) – Tuesday night, a woman required hospitalization after a bicycle accident on County 14th and Highway 95.
The bicycle and vehicle crash happened at about 8:00 p.m. Moreover, it happened south of County 14th on the westside shoulder of Highway 95.
According to some witnesses, the bicycle rider wasn’t visible on the road. However, the Toyota driver managed to hit the brake before hitting the bicyclist.
According to the Somerton Cocopah Fire Department (SCFD), the woman couldn’t answer any questions. Furthermore, she might have possibly suffered a traumatic brain injury. Thus, responders took her to Yuma Regional Medical Center.
The Tuma County Sheriff’s Office is currently handling the crash investigation.
Always be cautious of bicyclists on the road when driving. Bicyclists are more vulnerable because of their limited protection and lightweight bodies. By paying attention to your surroundings and driving within the speed limit, dangerous accidents can be prevented.


Bicycle Accidents in Arizona

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