2 People Airlifted after Crash on 5 Freeway near Gorman School Road [Los Angeles, CA]

Woman Dies, Jackson Neal Arrested in Fiery Two-Car Crash on West Rutter Parkway [Spokane, WA]

Woman Dies, Jackson Neal Arrested in Fiery Two-Car Crash on West Rutter Parkway [Spokane, WA]

Woman Dies, Jackson Neal Arrested in Fiery Two-Car Crash on West Rutter Parkway [Spokane, WA]

Fiery Two-Car Crash on West Rutter Parkway Suspect Jackson Neal Apprehended

Spokane, WA (August 20, 2020) – On Monday, a woman died while the 23-year-old Jackson Neal was arrested in a fiery two-car crash on West Rutter Parkway.
The fatal incident happened at about 8:30 p.m. west of North Indian Trail Road.
Spokane County Sheriff’s Office received multiple reports of a car crash, saying they saw an explosion and huge flames.

Engulfed in Flames

The victim was driving behind her husband who was towing a boat when the driver behind her, Jackson Neal, struck her vehicle from behind. Immediately, the victim’s vehicle burst into a huge fire, which then consumed both cars.
The victim’s husband told responders he noticed a “ball of flames” behind him. Immediately, he pulled over and ran back to help.
Also, other witnesses who have seen the incident hurried to the scene to help.
Initial statements confirmed Neal and the victim were the only people in the cars.
Immediately, Medics took the woman to a hospital where she died Monday evening.
A release said that Neal was sitting off the roadway in a ditch when deputies arrived. He was crying and asking, “Is she OK?”
Neal denied he had alcohol nor drugs, though, a breath test at the hospital showed his blood alcohol content at 0.207, which was more than twice the legal limit.
Meanwhile, rescuers took Neal to the hospital for minor injuries, where Drug Recognition Expert Corporal Todd Miller contacted Neal. Neal told him that he was driving to the store and didn’t remember the collision.
Furthermore, Miller noted Neal’s eyes were bloodshot and his speech was slurred. Neal’s breath test showed high blood alcohol content. A release said Neal admitted he had been drinking throughout the day.
Authorities continue to investigate the incident. Traffic Unit technicians believe speed and impairment were factors.
Meanwhile, a sample of Neal’s blood will be sent to the lab for testing, which will take several weeks.

The Aftermath of Fatal Crash

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