Which Legal Situations Require a Social Security Disability Lawyer?

If you suffer from a severe physical disability or a long-term mental health disorder, you know how difficult it can be to get and keep a job as a result of your disability. If you’ve been out of work because of your disability for months and are looking for relief, you might be considering applying for disability benefits. Maybe you’ve already applied and now stuck wading through the process. Maybe you’ve been denied your claim and are now frantic with worry you might never get benefits. You need a social security disability lawyer to help you look at your situation to see if they can help get you benefits.

What do disability lawyers do? Are you wondering how a social security disability law firm could help with your claim or if it would make a difference?

Read on to learn how a social security lawyer can help with your disability case.

What Is a Social Security Disability?

Social security disability is a program available through the Federal Social Security Act. Through this program those who have a disability that prevents them from working can receive monetary payments from the government along with other benefits.

You’ll hear the program referred to as the  Social Security Disability Insurance or SSDI.

Eligibility for SSDI benefits can result from a permanent disability. It can also come when you have a disability that comes as a result of an accident. In addition to considering your medical condition, the program considers your  work history, financial situation, and medical needs.

If you think you may be eligible for benefits, you don’t want to wait to apply. The program does have time limits in place for qualifying.  With so many rules and restrictions to the program, you may be best served by getting a team of social security disability attorneys on your case sooner rather than later.

Hiring a Social Security Law Firm

Handling your disability alone can feel overwhelming. You might also be facing significant medical bills and be out of work too. You might be concerned about whether hiring a law firm, which could cost more, is a smart move for you.

The truth is the SSDI pays for your legal fees based on set criteria once your claim is approved. Statistically, more claims are approved by applicants who have attorneys than those that try to do it without the help of an attorney.

Can you apply and make a claim without an attorney? Yes. But should you? Probably not. There are a whole host of reasons that hiring a social security lawyer makes sense. Let’s consider some of those reasons.

Social Security Disability Attorneys Know How to Use Your Medical Evidence

When you apply for a SSI benefit, you will need to provide significant medical evidence to prove your disability. The SSDI will ask for medical evidence as part of your application. The key to approval is sending them the evidence that will actually help get your claim approved.

Some people send them lots and lots of medical evidence, in some cases too much, but not the right stuff. In other cases, applicants don’t send enough. The key is to send in the medical documentation that will get your claim approved.

An experienced social security disability lawyer is an expert at understanding medical evidence and knowing what to submit that will help to get your claim approved. The attorney can evaluate what medical documentation you have. They might even suggest going back to your doctor to ask for additional tests or evidence to help support your case.

Social Security Disability Attorneys Know How to Work With Your Medical Team

A doctor is skilled at what a doctor does, providing medical care. They don’t always know or understand the process involved in applying for these kinds of benefits.

While their documentation and information is key to an approval, they might not always understand the application process or even what’s needed to get an approval.

Your disability attorney can work with your doctor, one professional to another, to help get in the application all the proof that is needed to get your claim approved.

Social Security Disability Attorneys Know How to Handle the Hearing Process

You need an expert fighting for you during the hearing process. It’s not uncommon to get a claim denied and have to file an appeal. This is an especially important time to have an expert on your side.

Your disability attorney will know the hearing process and how to navigate it. They will know how to present the best facts for your side and how to handle those pieces of information that might not be helpful for you either. They will know how to cross examine the experts put forth by the Social Security Administration.

They can prepare you so you’re prepared for the questioning you will face.

Social Security Disability Attorneys Know Which Arguments to Use to Win

This is a time when you want to rely on the expertise of your attorney who has done this before. They know each step of the process and what it takes to get an approval.

This is especially true if you get to the hearing stage. Their experience is going to be invaluable in choosing which arguments to use to help you win your case.

They can look at your disability and the impact it’s having on your life. They will know how to present your case in a way that will help you have the advantage for your case.

Get the Help You Need from a Social Security Disability Lawyer

The truth is that if you are suffering a life altering disability you probably need help. Applying for an SSI disability can help you pay your bills and get the medical care you need.

If you are ready to file a claim or have already and now need help from a social security disability lawyer, we can help you. Contact us today for a free case evaluation. We want to help you get the benefits you deserve.

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