Types of Car Accidents: What Will An Attorney Represent?

On average, motorists will experience roughly four car accidents within their lifetime. And the different types of car accidents that someone can experience is staggering.
Some of these accidents will result in long-term physical and mental trauma. Not to mention the financial expenses that come with repairing a vehicle or having to take time off of work to nurse an injury.
In many cases these accidents will even be at no fault of their own. Which is why these types of car accidents are handled by attorneys in court. This is to make sure that drivers are thoroughly compensated for the damage and pain that’s been caused.
If you are in a car accident and wondering if an attorney can help you with a personal injury claim, read on for more information.

The Types of Car Accidents Handled by Attorneys

When it comes to handling car accidents in court, there are a number of auto accidents that can be taken on by an attorney.
This means that whether you’ve experienced a car, truck, motorcycle, or a bicycle accident – you are able to enlist the help of an attorney. In addition, you deserve to seek compensation for the damaged property and any injuries.

Pedestrian Accidents

In nearly every state, pedestrians are given the right away. However, if a drive injuries you as a result of not paying attention or neglecting to respect your rights as a pedestrian, you are entitled to seek compensation.
Pedestrian accidents are one of the most common personal injury claims. This is because the injuries sustained from such a collision tend to be severe. In addition, it is rare that pedestrians are found at fault in these situations.

Hit-and-Run Accidents

Even those that have been a victim to a hit-and-run accident still have the right to seek compensation through their auto insurance providers. In the event that the other driver is never identified, a court case may be necessary in order to receive the full compensation and to prove that you are the victim.

Drunk Driving Accidents

In addition to compensation for medical bills, time off of work, and damage to your vehicle, those that are involved in a drunk driving accident are usually awarded additional compensation.
It’s important to handle any drunk driving accidents in court. That is because driving under the influence is illegal and must be reported.

Emergency Vehicle Accidents

Many individuals are surprised to find that even vehicles driving to the scene of an emergency are accountable for any damage that may occur while they’re on the road.
This means that if you or your vehicle are harmed in an emergency vehicle accident, you have the right to seek compensation. This is also an important matter to address as the individual is responsible for safely driving in high-stress situations on a regular basis and can prevent further damage to others from occurring.

What to Know When Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit

There are several important factors to take into consideration before filing a car accident lawsuit with an attorney.
For example you may be surprised to find that in addition to suing the driver at fault, you can also sue the insurance company of the driver, the employer of the driver at fault, or even the maker of the vehicle the driver was operating.
What will determine who the lawsuit will be filed against depends directly on the circumstances of the accident. In addition, this should be discussed with a lawyer prior to filing.

Seeking Medical Treatment

Many victims of automobile accidents will put off seeking medical treatment after an accident to avoid medical bills or having to take time off of work.
However, this is a huge mistake when it comes to your pending lawsuit. What may seem like a minor bruise now or minimal pain can just be the first signs of a problem. The more time that passes, the worse the condition can get.
These injuries can eventually prevent you from working, and can even result in permanent nerve damage. For this reason, it’s important to immediately visit the doctor to get an assessment of your injuries. As a result, you can be fully compensated and provided with the funds needed to treat any injuries.
Be sure to keep records of all medical appointments. In addition, collect any out-of-pocket costs that must be paid as a result of the injury.

Gather Contact Information

In the event that you are not severely injured during the car accident, exchange information with others involved. During this time, it’s important to also get any contact information from witnesses or bystanders. Any witness that is present during the accident can help your lawsuit.
These witness testimonies may be the make or break in your court case later on. Also, be sure to take as many photos as possible of the accident. This includes shots of the area where it occurred and damage that is done to either vehicle.

Find Legal Representation – Taking the First Step

The move you can take towards receiving compensation is finding a lawyer with experience in personal injury accidents. Don’t be afraid to ask for references from friends and family. In addition, always look into the reputation of the lawyer before hiring.
Attorneys help victims from various types of car accidents reclaim the compensation they need in order to recover from their accident and live a healthy and strong life. if you’re the victim of a car accident and are looking to file a personal injury claim, contact us today for more information on how we can help.
We will sit down with you to discuss your specific accident. In addition to the potential for a lawsuit and what you can expect moving forward. We understand the stress and trauma that can come from a car accident. As a result, our team at Sweet Lawyers are here to back you every step of the way.


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