Two Women Injured, Gabe Flores Arrested in DUI Crash Near Peach Avenue [Clovis, CA]

Two Women Injured, Gabe Flores Arrested in DUI Crash Near Peach Avenue [Clovis, CA]
Two Women Injured, Gabe Flores Arrested in DUI Crash Near Peach Avenue [Clovis, CA] Two Women Injured,Gabe FloresArrested in DUI Crash Near Peach Avenue [Clovis, CA]

Gabe Flores Arrested in Clovis DUI Crash

Clovis, CA (October 26, 2020)– On Friday, two women were injured while police arrested the 36-year-old Gabe Flores in a DUI crash near Peach Avenue and Shepherd Avenue.
The crash happened at around 10 p.m. in north Clovis.
Family members of the victims said Flores was driving a Honda Crosstour at a high speed.
Apparently, he rear-ended the GMC Denali with such force that the SUV spun multiple times. Also, the GMC Denali skipped over a median and into oncoming traffic.
As a result, two women in the Denali sustained minor to moderate injuries. The rescuers took them to a hospital, where they both were eventually released this weekend.
One of the victims is the mother of a current Buchanan High wrestler who works out regularly with Flores, said Lisa Vivian.
“One of the first things that my grandson said was ‘I can’t see him anymore. How can I ever be around him again?’ It was very upsetting,” Vivian said. “I could’ve lost my daughter. My grandchildren could’ve lost their mom.”
The two women are mothers of nine children.
Further, California Highway Patrol spokesman Mike Salas said they cited Flores at the scene. However, they later released him due to COVID-19 precautions.
The authorities did not identify if there were other passengers in Flores’ vehicle.
Clovis Unified spokesperson Kelly Avants said the school district is doing an investigation that likely will extend into the week.

Accidents Happen When You Drink and Drive

“Allegations that one of our employees was a driver in a DUI accident is deeply disturbing, and does not reflect the high standards of behavior we expect of those who wear a Clovis Unified employee badge,” Avants said. “District officials are working with local police to learn more about the accident to inform any appropriate employee discipline.”
Moreover, Buchanan wrestling is considered one of the top programs in the country. It has captured six state championships which include a current stretch of five straight state titles.
Flores was a star wrestler at Illinois and Clovis High. Also, he served as lead assistant under Buchanan coach Troy Tirapelle.
In addition, Flores works at the high school as a student liaison.
“He should do the honorable thing and step down,” Vivian said. “If not, I really hope the school or the district does the right thing. You have an obligation to the students. This can’t be tolerated.
“The students shouldn’t have to just deal with the situation and deal with someone who carelessly could’ve killed their mom.
“We have no ill will toward him,” Vivian said. “We just hope he gets the proper help. He can’t be afforded another opportunity to do this to someone else.”
Practice safe driving habits on the road at all times… even when it is empty, even when there is no police officer around to make sure you make a full and complete stop.

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