No Serious Injuries Reported in Interstate 90 Crash [Spokane, WA]

Two Toyota Crash on Highway 101 Blocks Roadways [Leggett, CA]

Two Toyota Crash on Highway 101 Blocks Roadways [Leggett, CA]

Two Toyota Crash on Highway 101 Blocks Roadways [Leggett, CA]

Police Respond to Highway 101 Car Accident in Leggett

Leggett, CA (February 1, 2021) – Monday afternoon, police investigated a crash on Highway 101 involving two Toyota sedans.
The Leggett crash happened just before 3 p.m on February 1, south of the Peg House. However, what led to this collision is under investigation.
Moreover, the crash blocked the northbound lane and the traffic is having to go into the southbound lane to pass.
Meanwhile, Garberville Ambulance, Leggett Fire, and Piercy Fire were dispatched to the scene.
It is still unclear if there were injuries involved. Further investigation is on-going.

What Follows For the Parties Involved in this Legget Two-Vehicle Crash

Auto accidents are a major public health threat, and they are a leading cause of death for individuals ages 5-64. These accidents are also the leading cause of long-term disability in the U.S. Thus, it is necessary that everyone remains calm in order to properly handle the immediate aftermath of an automobile collision, similar to that in Leggett.

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