Female Passenger Dies in Buckman Springs Road Solo Vehicle Crash [Campo, CA]

Two People Trapped Inside Vehicle in Roll-over Crash on Highway 58 [Arvin, CA]

Two People Trapped Inside Vehicle in Roll-Over Crash on Highway 58 [Arvin, CA]

Two People Trapped Inside Vehicle in Roll-Over Crash on Highway 58 [Arvin, CA]

Officers Responded to Roll-Over Crash on Highway 58

Arvin, CA (October 11, 2020) – On Saturday, two people were trapped inside a vehicle in a roll-over crash on Highway 58.
The California Highway Patrol responded to the crash at about 11:02 a.m. near the Bakersfield National Cemetery.
Moreover, the CHP said the vehicle ended up on its roof in a ditch with two people trapped in the vehicle.
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What Injury Crash Victims Can Do After the Incident

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