1 Person Struck and Injured by Car in Crash near Clinton Avenue and Brawley Avenue [Fresno, CA]

Two Pedestrians Injured in US 395 Car Crash [Bishop, CA]

Two Pedestrians Injured in  US 395 Car Crash [Bishop, CA]

Two Pedestrians Injured in US 395 Car Crash [Bishop, CA]

Two Female Pedestrian Hospitalized after Crash on US 395 in Bishop

Bishop, CA (March 7, 2021) – Early Saturday morning, two pedestrians sustained injuries after a crash on US 395 south of Pa Ha Lane.
The Bishop crash happened at about 1:15 a.m on March 6.
The California Highway Patrol said the two pedestrians were on the inside lane of southbound U.S. 395 when they were hit by a 2001 Dodge pickup going south at about 30 mph to 35 mph.
As a result, a 21-year-old woman received significant injuries, and a 24-year-old woman had minor injuries.
Emergency personnel took them both to Northern Inyo Hospital.
Meanwhile, the 43-year-old driver said they did not see the pedestrians. Police said the pickup driver is not suspected to be under the influence.
Police continue to investigate further what cause of this US 395 crash.

What happens to the victims after this crash?

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