8 People Hospitalized after Crash on 15 Freeway and Werick Road [Corona, CA]

Two Injured in Vehicle Crash on Redwood Parkway [Vallejo, CA]

Two Injured in Vehicle Crash on Redwood Parkway [Vallejo, CA]

Two Injured in Vehicle Crash on Redwood Parkway [Vallejo, CA]

Police Chase Leads to Injury in Vehicle Crash on Redwood Parkway

Vallejo, CA (November 1, 2020) – On Friday, two people were injured as a police chase ended in a vehicle crash on Redwood Parkway.
Vallejo police said the chase started at around 12:20 p.m. when they spotted a vehicle carrying stolen license plates. The pursuit began at Mayfair Avenue and Vervais Avenue.
The chase lasted for a little more than two minutes before the suspect turned the wrong way on Redwood Street. The officers then terminated the pursuit.
Moments later, police said the stolen car struck a car on Redwood Parkway next to Jesse Bethel High School. The vehicle that was struck flipped over.
Further, rescuers took two people who were in the flipped vehicle to area hospitals. They complained of pain after the collision.
Authorities do not have specific details about the victims or their injuries. However, they are expected to recover anytime.

The Suspect Escaped

Meanwhile, the suspect driver fled the scene on foot and escaped capture.
Witness Michelle Winston said she saw the suspect jump over a retaining wall and run into a residential neighborhood.
“Oh yeah, [the police] were right behind him. And he hopped the wall. And they didn’t hop. I don’t think they hopped the wall. But they were coming around the corner. Yeah, that wall is pretty high. So he got over that wall. He was gone,” said Winston, who watched the drama from her second-floor bedroom window. “I was kind of scared because I was like, ‘Where is he at? Is he hiding in someone’s backyard or something like that?’”
Moreover, the police searched door to door for the man.
They asked the residents to stay inside.
Authorities searched the neighborhood for a couple of hours, but they did not find him.
“I’m going in the house and make sure all the windows are locked just in case he’s laying low somewhere,” said Winston.
Also, Winston said the authorities detained the woman who was in the stolen car.
Meanwhile, a school administrator said Jesse Bethel High School was put on lockdown during the search. There were no students on campus due to distance learning. Though, faculty members were working on campus.
The authorities continue to search for the suspect driver. There is no available suspect description as of the moment.
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