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Two-Car Crash near Tejon Highway Sends 1 to Hospital in Bakersfield [Bakersfield, CA]

1 Injured in Bakersfield Two-Car Crash near Tejon Highway

BAKERSFIELD, CA (April 29, 2020) – Early Friday morning, a person sustained injuries in a two-car crash near Tejon Highway in Bakersfield.
According to police reports, the incident occurred at about 6:05 a.m. near Tejon Highway and Buena Vista Boulevard.
The California Highway Patrol revealed that a westbound pickup truck didn’t yield at the stop sign. As a result, the pickup crashed with another vehicle.
The pickup truck’s driver escaped the crash scene before the authorities’ arrival. They then used a K-9 to look for the suspect hit-and-run driver.
Meanwhile, the driver of the sedan was the sole occupant of the vehicle during the crash. When the medical responders arrived at the scene, they took the sedan driver to the hospital for treatment of major injuries.
The California Highway Patrol did not disclose any further details at this time. However, anyone with information regarding the suspected vehicle or driver should contact California Highway Patrol – Bakersfield at (661) 396-6600.
To increase your chances of safety, be wary of your surroundings. Car accidents like the two-car crash near Tejon Highway can happen when we least expect them. Therefore, we must be mindful of our actions behind the wheel. In busy intersections and when driving at night, remain vigilant, look out for trouble, and prepare to stop.

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