Truck Collision on Interstate-5 Shuts Roadway [Bakersfield, CA]

Truck Collision on Intersate-5 Shuts Roadway [Bakersfield, CA]

Truck Collision on Interstate-5 Shuts Roadway [Bakersfield, CA]

Truck Collision on Interstate-5 north Blocks Roadway

Bakersfield, CA (July 02, 2020)– A two-truck collision on Interstate-5 north of Grapevine blocks one lane on Thursday evening.
The crash happened at around 7:30 p.m. on July 2. Initial reports revealed that a truck and a semi-truck were involved in the incident. However, the events leading up to this collision remains unclear.
Moreover, there is no immediate information on the extent of injuries. Further investigation is ongoing.

What to do after a Truck Accident

  • Before anything else, seek medical attention if you have been hurt.
  • Get to a safe place to prevent further damage or injury.
  • Collect as much information as possible: insurance and contact information of people involved in the accident, pictures/videos of vehicles involved, documentation of fault, and whatever else that can be used for evidence.
  • File a police report or incident report by calling 911.
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  • Why You Need a Personal Injury Attorney

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