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Tips for Traveling During the Holidays

Traffic Delays while Traveling During the Holidays

The holidays is the time of the year people spend with family and friends. As Americans plan their travel arrangements during this joyous season, congested highways and waiting in long TSA airport inspections, is what most can expect. According to the AAA, 107 million Americans will travel between December 23 through January 3. Circumstantially, we must secure more time to prepare for expected traffic delays that will cause great headache as you reach your desired location.
The Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) states that more than 97.4 million Americans will drive to their holiday destinations, with 6.4 million traveling by air. The remaining 3.6 million will embark from a cruise ship, train, or bus. No matter the method of transportation you choose, expect to run into traffic congestion, heavy public transit lines, and lengthy security checkpoints at the airport. Having extra time in your hands allows you to not only arrive to your destination safely, but also minimize travel pains and maximize merry times with your family.

How to Prepare for Travel

With a high number of vehicles sharing the road and uncontrollable weather conditions, additional risks such as distracted or aggressive drivers and unexpected vehicle breakdowns can be more common. With 90% of commuters traveling by car, the statistics show to expect 87% more accidents, 23% more road hazards, and 35% more police notifications.
AAA is expected to provide roadside assistance to nearly 1 million stranded motorists for problems relating to car battery issues, lockouts, and flat tires. Before hitting the road, make a comprehensive inspection of your vehicle to ensure it’s safe to drive a long distance in any possible weather or road conditions.

Tips for Holiday Travel

Before heading out on your merry adventure, plan ahead. Planning in advance for traveling during the holidays will help you stay organized and energized, and ensure the drive will be relaxing and enjoyable. Take these extra steps into consideration when preparing for a long trip behind the wheel:

  • Get plenty of rest – schedule breaks every two hours to avoid getting drowsy
  • Share the drive – have a fellow passenger assist in taking over the wheel when needed
  • Alternative routes – plan backup routes in case of a major traffic delay or road closures
  • Vehicle maintenance – have a mechanic make a thorough inspection of vehicle
  • Weather – look at weather reports to adjust for possible weather conditions
  • Roadside assistance – sign up for roadside service for any unexpected vehicle troubles

Obey the Rules of the Road

With one foot on the gas pedal and both hands on the steering wheel, you’re ready to take your drive. Most importantly, obey the speed limit and give yourself plenty of time to stumble upon unexpected delays. Keep your eyes on the road and maintain a safe distance with any vehicles surrounding you, to prevent dangerous collisions during the holidays.

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