Winter Nason and Jospeh Mantua Arrested in Fatal Crash on Highway 1 [Sonoma County, CA]

Three Airlifted in Fiery Interstate 5 Crash [Federal Way, WA]

Three Airlifted in Fiery Crash on Interstate 5 [Federal Way, WA]

Three Airlifted in Fiery Crash on Interstate 5 [Federal Way, WA]

Interstate 5 Two-Vehicle Crash Injures People

Federal Way, WA (April 06, 2021) – On Monday, three were airlifted after a fiery two-vehicle crash on Interstate 5.
The incident took place in the southbound lanes, south of State Route 18 wherein one of the two vehicles caught fire.
Reports said officers arrested the suspect driver.
Meanwhile, drivers were advised to take alternate routes and to avoid the crash scene.
Authorities are investigating the incident.
Put all distractions away, be careful around other travelers, and keep a safe distance from other vehicles around you. By being a defensive driver, you can minimize the risk of a car accident.

Increasing Numbers of Washington Vehicular Accidents

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