Nathan Rogers Arrested in Fatal Hit-and-Run Crash on Goetz Road [Perris, CA]

Thomas Trauger and Gerrard Nieva Killed in Bicycle Accident on US 95 [Las Vegas, NV]

Thomas Trauger and Gerrard Nieva Killed in Bicycle Accident on US 95 [Las Vegas, NV]

Thomas Trauger and Gerrard Nieva Killed in Bicycle Accident on US 95 [Las Vegas, NV]

5 Cyclists Killed in Retirement Ride Turned Deadly Bicycle Crash on US 95

Las Vegas, NV (December 10, 2020) – On Thursday, five bicyclists, including Thomas Trauger, 57, and Gerrard Nievawere, 41, died in a retirement ride that turned into a deadly crash on US 95.
The Nevada Highway Patrol spokesman Jason Buratczuk said the fatal crash happened south of Boulder City, which involved a box truck.
At around 9:40 a.m., a box truck driver struck a group of about 20 bicyclists.
Unfortunately, four men and one woman died at the scene. The coroner identified the decedents as 57-year-old Thomas Chamberlin Trauger and 41-year-old Gerrard Suarez Nieva.
The other three cyclists killed were 39 year-old Erin Ray, 57-year-old Michael Murray, 48-year-old Aksoy Ahmet.
The box truck driver stayed at the scene for several hours as authorities investigated the possible cause of the fatal accident.
“It doesn’t appear to be impairment,” Buratczuk said. “It appears to be a tragic accident.”
Among the four bicyclists injured, rescuers flew one of them to a hospital in critical condition.
It appeared the bicyclists were part of an organized ride, Buratczuk added. There was a chase vehicle with them with flashers.
Additionally, the chase vehicle’s driver was injured and rushed to a hospital.
Moreover, Clay Weeks, a Pro Cyclery bike shop employee, knew many of the bicyclists involved in the deadly crash.

The Pain of Losing Loved Ones in a Crash

“They were on a retirement ride for one of the community cyclists,” Weeks said. “We’ve talked to a couple of people who were on the ride. Obviously, everybody is super upset and distraught. It’s pretty horrific that something like this would happen. There’s really no words.”
The tragic accident startled Southern Nevada’s close-knit bicycling community.
“We all ride together,” Weeks said.
Weeks is familiar with the stretch of road where the crash unfolded. He struggled to imagine how the crash happened there.
“That shoulder on the side of that highway is wide enough to fit three cars,” Weeks said. “We don’t really know how somebody managed to get that far off the road. These were all very very experienced cyclists. It’s not like they accidentally rode off and into the road.”
To consider that it was not the first time those riders made the trip.
“These are people who ride 10,000 miles a year. Some race professionally,” Weeks said. “How did something like this mistakenly happen?”

We at Sweet Lawyers would like to express our sincere condolences to the families and friends of the five victims. Our hearts go out to those affected during this difficult time.

How to Proceed Following a US 95 Fatal Bicycle Accident

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