Terminating an Employee With a Disability

Terminating an Employee With a Disability: Is it Legal?

Were you discriminated against in the workplace due to your disability?   Is your employer refusing to provide you with reasonable accommodations you requested to be able to do your job that they originally promised?   Have you been terminated from a job, and believe your employer fired you because you’re disabled?   Terminating an employee […]

Jean Schweitzer Killed in Pedestrian Accident on Thornton Avenue [Newark, CA]

  Pedestrian Jean Schweitzer Struck and Killed by Car in Newark   NEWARK, CA (October 24, 2019) — Police identified 64-year-old Jean Schweitzer after a car stuck her on Thornton Avenue on Friday, October 18.   Just before 7:15 p.m., officers and Alameda County Fire Department firefighters received reports of a car accident involving a […]

Autonomous Car Accidents

Who Is At Fault For Autonomous Car Accidents?

We have all been reading about autonomous car accidents lately. Self-driving car accidents may begin to happen more and more, now that autonomous cars are becoming more prevalent. Which begs the question, who is at fault when there is an autonomous car accident?   Car accidents used to be pretty straightforward legally. Most of the […]

Wrongful Death Lawsuit

How to Prove Fault in a Wrongful Death Lawsuit

In 2016, there were over 160,000 deaths that resulted from unintentional injuries. Considering the statistic, many of these were caused by someone else through negligence. This lead to more and more people filing a wrongful death lawsuit.   When it comes to dealing with wrongful death cases, the situation can become even more challenging if the defending […]