2 Injured in Two-Vehicle Collision on Glen Oaks Road [Temecula, CA]

2 Drivers Hospitalized after Auto Accident on Glen Oaks Road in Temecula   Temecula, CA (April 5, 2020) – Sunday morning, two drivers were hospitalized after a two-vehicle collision on Glen Oaks Road.   Authorities responded to the accident around 10:19 a.m., in the 37000 blocks of Glen Oaks Road.   The events leading up […]

2 Injured after Police Pursuit on Highway 79 [Temecula, CA]

2 Hurt in Temecula Police Pursuit on Highway 79   TEMECULA, CA (December 9, 2019) – Two people sustained injuries after a police pursuit on Highway 79 on December 5.   According to reports, police began a pursuit after reports of a stolen vehicle. A man and a 17-year-old boy sustained serious injuries when the […]