Steven R Weaver and Emma Adams Injured in DUI Crash on State Route 96 [Mill Creek, WA]

Steven R Weaver and  Emma Adams Injured in DUI Crash on State Route 96 [Mill Creek, WA]

Steven R Weaver and Emma Adams Injured in DUI Crash on State Route 96 [Mill Creek, WA]

Steven R Weaver, Emma Adams, 2 Others Injured in Dui Crash on State Route 96

Mill Creek, WA (August 7, 2020) – On Tuesday, 23-year Steven R Weaver and 30-year old Emma Adams, both from Vernon, were injured in a DUI crash on State Route 96.
The State Patrol said Weaver drove his Nissan across the center line on state route 96. As a result, he struck a vehicle with two Mill Creek residents head-on.
Rescuers took Weaver to Harborview. While his passenger Adams, along with the other passengers in the car he struck was taken to Providence in Everett.
Authorities said the accident was a DUI crash.
As always, be a responsible driver. Never ever drink and drive.

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