Steps to Follow if You’ve Been in a Car Crash

It’s safe to say the majority of people don’t plan on getting into a car accident. Rather, it is an unexpected event that can catch us off-guard. At that moment, our lives can be turned upside down and the repercussions from the accident can take a huge toll on us financially, physically, and emotionally. However, in our 40 years of experience, Sweet Lawyers has found that there are specific actions you can take to help protect your legal rights while still maximizing your recovery. The following tips will help set you on the right path toward recovery.

Call the Police

Immediately call the police to the scene of the accident and ask them to write up a report detailing the car crash. They will take your statement and the other party’s statement while it is still fresh. The officer will then assess the scene of the accident and each party’s statement before determining which party caused the collision. Remember to speak truthfully and ask the officer for a copy of the report. The officer will most likely provide you with the police report # as the actual report may take several weeks to be completed. Hold onto this report # and provide it to your attorney when requested.

Collect Evidence

Make sure you write down the contact information of everyone involved including their name, phone number, email address, and home address. Take a picture of their license and registration, as well as photographs of all vehicles involved, including yours. Keep all of this information in a binder or computer at home. Your attorney will ask you for these details at some point in your case.
If you sustained any cuts, abrasions, bruising, or lacerations from the accident, also take pictures of them. Avoid using flash and make sure the photographs are not blurry, and clearly show your wounds. These pictures can help to add value to your case by providing concrete proof of the extent of your injuries.

Get Medical Help

Be aware that many people underestimate the severity of their injuries because of the sudden adrenaline rush they experience after the collision. Adrenaline can trick our minds into believing that we aren’t badly injured or even injured at all. It may take several hours or even days to feel the onset of pain. That is why it is so important to always request a complete examination and follow all doctors’ orders for treatment. Your doctor is in the best position to assess the extent of your injuries and to help you get back on the right path towards recovery.

Keep A Journal

Memory fades. It is important to take notes to preserve critical bits of information that your attorney can use down the road. Document what you experienced on the day of the accident and the events that took place. You can also keep a daily log of how you are feeling each day in terms of physical pain and emotional distress. With time, your injuries will slowly begin to improve. It is important to log this information to assess your own progress and recognize that you will move past this.

Do Not Admit Liability

Be mindful of what you say to the other parties involved in the crash, to bystanders, and especially to insurance adjusters. Admissions you make will limit your ability to recover. It is best to allow your attorney to handle these communications for you.

Call a Car Accident Lawyer at Sweet Lawyers

Sweet Law Group has experience handling thousands of car crash cases. Retaining a top-notch attorney, such as the ones at Sweet Lawyers, is your best move in making sure you protect your rights and recover just compensation from those who are liable to you. Contact us by calling (800) 203-3061 for a free consultation with a legal professional in your area.

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