1 Person Dies in Collision on Hwy. 43 Near Sherwood Avenue[Mcfarland, CA]

Solo Vehicle Crash on Pine Street Off-ramp [Paso Robles, CA]

Solo Vehicle Crash on Pine Street Off-ramp [Paso Robles, CA]

Solo Vehicle Crash on Pine Street Off-ramp [Paso Robles, CA]

Solo Vehicle Crash on Pine Street Off-ramp Slows Down Traffic

Paso Robles, CA (June 05, 2020) – On Friday morning, a solo vehicle crash on Pine Street Off-ramp near Highway 101 slows down traffic while minor injuries reported.
The crash happened at around 4:45 a.m. on June 5. Dispatched officers arrived and located a semi-truck on the scene.
According to reports, the driver of the semi-truck missed the off-ramp, crashing with the bridge and eventually rolled on its side. However, what leads to this accident is still unknown.
Moreover, CHP reported minor injuries in the incident. Further investigation is ongoing.
According to the United States Department of Transportation, there are approximately 300,000 merging accidents every year. In 2017, 485,866 accidents were reported solely in the state of California. It is therefore important to follow all the traffic laws to avoid these types of accidents.

Safety Driving Tips

  • Aim high in steering, i.e., don’t make your steering adjustments based on what is directly in front of you, but rather what is down the road. If the drive is winding to the right, look as far into the turn as possible. This will improve your safety and make your shifts smoother.
  • Scan the road 1/2 mile a full mile ahead to recognize potential hazards in time.
  • Be a proactive driver, rather than a reactive one. Driving defensively prepares you for emergency situations.
  • Use road signals to communicate with those you are driving alongside.
  • Hiring a Personal Attorney

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