Three Injured in Rollover Crash on Rodeo Way [Walnut, CA]

Six Injured in State Route 78 Rollover Crash [Vista, CA]

Six Injured in Rollover Crash on State Route 78 [Vista, CA]

Six Injured in Rollover Crash on State Route 78 [Vista, CA]

State Route 78 DUI Rollover Crash Injures People

Vista, CA (March 21, 2021) – On Saturday, six people were injured in State Route 78 rollover crash.
The crash after 7:30 p.m. near Melrose Drive wherein multiple vehicles were involved.
Reports said six people were injured, and at least four of them were taken to the hospital.
Moreover, rescuers airlifted one person to the trauma center. There is no current update on the victim’s current condition.
Meanwhile, police arrested the driver of the white vehicle at the scene for DUI.
CHP continues to investigate the incident.
When driving, it is important to follow all driving laws and the conditions of the road. If you see any vehicle or driver that looks dangerous, keep your distance. If you see a vehicle weaving in and out of the lanes, following too closely, or traveling at a higher rate of speed, move over a few lanes and get out of their way. Drive defensively to ensure the safety of surrounding vehicles, drivers, and pedestrians.

The Aftermath of a Vehicle Crash

As common of an occurrence as they are, most people do not know what comes after in the event of a vehicle crash.
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