Ambulances Respond in Three-Vehicle Crash on Railroad Avenue [Santa Clarita, CA]

Sergio Marroquian Killed in Street Takeover Crash on Hayland Avenue [Costa Mesa, CA]

Sergio Marroquian Killed in Street Take-Over Crash on Hayland Avenue [Costa Mesa, CA]

Sergio Marroquian Killed in Street Take-Over Crash on Hayland Avenue [Costa Mesa, CA]

Sergio Marroquian Dies in Costa Mesa Takeover Crash, Myner Augusto Esquivelvalle Charged

Costa Mesa, CA (October 22, 2020) – On Thursday morning, 23-year-old Sergio Marroquian of Los Angeles died in a takeover crash on Sunflower Avenue and Hyland Avenue.
Moreover, the fatal accident happened at about 2:30 a.m. wherein the vehicle flipped on its side. Apparently, approximately 100 vehicles began taking over the intersection.
Subsequently, family members of Marroquian said that the deceased’s cousin, Myner Augusto Esquivelvalle, was the driver of the vehicle.
Indeed, the driver, Esquivelvalle, remained at the scene and cooperated in the investigation.
The authorities later arrested him on homicide charges. Meanwhile, police conducted a blood-alcohol test at the scene, but the suspect is not facing DUI charges.
Furthermore, four others were also taken into custody.
“Our investigators and our police department will aggressively seek out anybody that participated in this and we will seek prosecution for this,” said Costa Mesa police Sgt. Zack Hoferitza. “A young man lost his life because of it. It looks like fun but it is not fun.”
Police said street takeovers begun plaguing the Costa Mesa area over the past month. Participants were throwing rocks and bottles at officers. Participants also kick patrol vehicles, said the authorities.
“They have formulated plans where they throw rocks at our officers, they do whatever they can do. They stand in front of us, ’cause they know we won’t run ’em over so that they let the cars that are street racing get away,” Hoferitza said.
On the 26th of October, police charged Myner Augusto Esquivelvalle with gross vehicular manslaughter for the Costa Mesa crash.

We at Sweet Lawyers express our sympathies to the bereaved of Sergio Marroquian. May you find courage in this difficult time.

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