Fire Crews Extricate 1 Person in Crash on Newhall Ranch Road [Valencia, CA]

Semi-Truck Overturns in Hit-and-Run Collision on US 101 [Shelton, WA]

Semi-Truck Overturns in Hit-and-Run Crash on US 101 [Shelton, WA]

Semi-Truck Overturns in Hit-and-Run Crash on US 101 [Shelton, WA]

Semi-Truck Versus Pickup Truck Crash on US 101

Shelton, WA (February 18, 2021) – On Tuesday, a semi-truck rolled on its side in a crash against a pickup truck on US 101.
The traffic incident happened at about 11:21 A.M.
Apparently, a red pickup truck dropped a load of pallets on the highway.
At the same time, a semi-truck tried to avoid the pallets.
Unfortunately, it drifted off the road into an embankment and rolled onto its side. Then, it spilled a load of wood-chips on the highway.
Luckily, the semi-truck driver, a 64-year-old Port Angeles man, was not injured in the accident.
Moreover, the initial incident blocked the right-lane traffic on the northbound side. However, the tow trucks blocked the entire highway as they cleared the scene from the overturned semi-truck and debris.
Furthermore, officers placed detours at Wallace Kneeland Boulevard and Shelton Springs Road when they closed the roadway. They reopened the roadway by around 4:49 P.M.
Meanwhile, please call State Patrol at 360-473-0300 if you have witnessed the incident or have more information about the involved red pickup truck.
Always be a responsible driver.

Dealing with Road Accidents

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