At Least One Injured in School Bus Crash on Southeast 44th Street [Bellevue, WA]

Sedan Driver Injured in State Route 97 Two-Vehicle Crash [Chelan, WA]

Sedan Driver Injured in Two-Vehicle Crash on State Route 97 [Chelan, WA]

Sedan Driver Injured in Two-Vehicle Crash on State Route 97 [Chelan, WA]

School Bus Crashes With Sedan on State Route 97 in Chelan

Chelan, WA (May 12, 2021) – On Monday, a driver was injured in State Route 97 two-vehicle crash.
The accident happened at around 3:40 p.m. near Wells Dam, wherein a Pateros School District bus and a sedan were involved.
Officers said the bus was southbound when its driver turned left and failed to notice a northbound sedan.
As a result, the two vehicles crashed.
Apparently, the school bus was occupied and the parents were at the accident scene. They took the children home and no children were hurt.
Also, officers said that five children were on the bus during the crash.
Right away, rescuers took the sedan driver to the hospital with minor injuries. On the other hand, the school bus driver complained of being shaken up.
The authorities cited the school bus driver for failure to yield.
Moreover, there are activities that can keep you alert and avoid accidents: Playing the radio at medium volume, periodically letting fresh air in through the window, and talking out loud or singing to yourself.

Defensive Driving Saves Lives

While driving is essential for many in order to move about in their lives, it is one of the most dangerous activities performed daily. That is because auto accidents are a major public health threat. As a matter of fact, traffic accidents are a leading cause of death for individuals ages 5-64.
This is why it is indeed crucial to drive defensively in order to avoid traffic accidents as much as possible.
So, here are some of the ways we can practice defensive driving:
Always drive at a controllable speed.
Similarly, it is important not to assume you know the other driver’s intention.
Be prepared to positively react to other drivers.
Keep a close eye on the cars and motorists around you, be aware of the road you are on.
Most importantly, remain focused. Remove all distractions such as mobile phone use, electronics, etc.
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