No Injuries Reported in Vehicle Crash on 11th Street and R Street [Merced, CA]

Rachael Dayton Injured, Sarah Carpenter Arrested in Crash on Highway 273 [Redding, CA]

Rachael Dayton Injured, Sarah Carpenter Arrested in Crash on Highway 273 [Redding, CA]

Rachael Dayton Injured, Sarah Carpenter Arrested in Crash on Highway 273 [Redding, CA]

1 Injured and 1 Detained after Redding Pedestrian Crash on Highway 273

REDDING, CA (September 15, 2020) – Early Saturday morning, Rachael Dayton suffered injuries in a crash on Highway 273.

The pedestrian accident occurred around 1:15 a.m. on Highway 273 north of Canyon Road.

39-year-old Sarah Carpenter of Redding drove her Honda Civic north on Highway 273, north of Canyon Road. However, she 25-year-old Rachael Dayton, of Redding.

The impact of the crash left Rachael Dayton with major injuries. Thus, an ambulance transported her to Mercy Medical Center for treatment. Meanwhile, officers revealed that she will survive.

The police revealed that Dayton was at fault for the crash. They added that Rachael Dayton walked across the road outside of a crosswalk.

Meanwhile, authorities arrested Sarah Carpenter and booked her into the Shasta County Jail for felony DUI causing injury.

Police reports revealed that Carpenter wore her safety belt during the crash. Also, she wasn’t using her phone. Meanwhile, the Civic’s airbags weren’t deployed and the car suffered moderate front end damage.

The Redding Police Department advised citizens to refrain from drinking and driving. For pedestrians, they encourage them to “use crosswalks and well-lit areas to remain visible when crossing roadways during nighttime hours.”

Furthermore, authorities urge anyone with information about the crash to call the Redding Police Department at 530-225-4200.

As pedestrians, it is crucial to stay vigilant on the streets. Furthermore, it is important to follow traffic laws just the same to avoid accidents that can lead to injuries.


Suffering a Personal Injury in the Crash on Highway 273

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