Schertz Police Officer Injured in Interstate 35 DWI Collision [Schertz, TX]

Schertz Police Officer Injured in Interstate 35 DWI Collision [Schertz, TX]

Schertz Vehicle Collision Injures 2 People

Schertz, TX (June 19, 2023) – On Sunday, a Schertz police officer sustained injuries following an Interstate 35 DWI collision.

The authorities said that an alleged drunk driver rear-ended the officer’s vehicle.

Both the DWI driver and the officer sustained minor injuries.

Meanwhile, the authorities are encouraging anyone who witnessed a suspected intoxicated driver to report to the authorities.

Always Drive Safely

Officials advised motorists to always drive defensively to avoid getting into accidents like the Schertz vehicle collision and maintain their safety on the road.

There are multiple ways of keeping yourself safe on the road. But there are key concepts to keep in mind to ensure you are helping yourself and your community.

First, avoid distractions while driving (i.e. Using your mobile phones). Next, is avoiding drinking and driving, a high percentage of accidents due to DUI.

Then, wear your seat belts. Lastly, keep your speed at the minimum level and ensure you are not exceeding the speed limit. There are more safety tips, these are just simple things you can always remember to ensure your safety on the road.

How To Proceed From DUI Collision?

Moreover, while driving is essential for many to move about in their lives, it is one of the most dangerous daily maneuvers. Thus, it is therefore important to know how to proceed in case you are involved in an accident.
Similarly, on the AAA Foundation website, chief executive officer Peter Kissinger repeatedly labeled the epidemic of motor vehicle-related accidents a “public health crisis.”
Mark Sweet, a personal injury attorney at Sweet Lawyers, says that serious car accident cases may call for a separate investigation spearheaded by an experienced lawyer. A lawyer will make sure victims are not cheated of the proper compensation they are owed.
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