Personal Injury Lawsuit and Social Media: What to Watch Out For

Social media has become a way for many to communicate by sharing photos, experiences, and opinions with the rest of the world. Statistics show that in 2018, 77% of Americans have a social media profile, with 2.34 billion social media users worldwide. However, if you were recently injured in an accident, your personal injury lawsuit and social media choices could be negatively affecting each other.

If you or a loved one have an outstanding personal injury case or lawsuit, read further to understand how social media can affect a personal injury case.

How Can Posting Information Affect A Case?

For those seeking compensation for damages suffered after an accident, a simple picture or opinion may contradict a claim. As a result, personal injury victims usually have limited physical mobility. In addition, these victims can have disabling injuries that usually disallow them to participate in many activities. In fact, social media can

  • Contradict statements or testimony;
  • Expose what your able to perform;
  • Show pictures in action;
  • Reveal witnesses that can hurt a case.

For example, checking in, posting a picture, or someone tagging you at a local gym, can disclaim if you are stating that your accident has physically impaired you. Especially after an accident, one can experience limited mobility. However, an insurance company can use the gym posts or any other kind of tag against the validity of your injury or pain.

Consequently, posts can ruin a case and the chance of either being properly compensated or being compensated at all.

Personal Injury Lawsuit and Social Media: Top 3 Sites That Pose the Most Risk

Insurance companies look for any way to discredit a claim made against them. Besides, what’s an easier way to disprove a claim than to use public information that’s posted on the web? It has become a strategic way for insurance companies and their lawyers to use, as it a priority to check social media sites such as:


Facebook is the top media site with 2.27 billion monthly active users. Insurance companies will not only search for an injured person’s page, but they will also obtain information through fellow friends or followers. The searches done are to gain access to information that is not directly posted on your page, rather than a friend or follower.

As a result, exposing the injured victim of activities or opinions that may decrease value to a personal injury case.


There are roughly 69 million Twitter users in the US and roughly about 46% users are active daily. Most use Twitter to post short messages that are useful and interesting to their followers. With Twitter, a user is exposed to the positive and negative opinions of followers and other users. One must be careful as to what types of messages they share, as insurance companies can use tweets against their credibility.


In 2018, there were approximately 104.7 million people in the US with active Instagram accounts. Instagram has become a very popular to share pictures and at times, small statements or quotes. If an account is public, those posts or Instagram stories are accessible for an insurance company to find and observe. Whether if the account is private or public, the same discretion should be taken with information posted. Also, users must be cautious of any friend requests or followers they are unfamiliar with.

Can a Judge Use Your Social Media Posts Against You?

Your personal injury lawsuit and social media can go hand in hand. The rise of social media networks and new computer web developments has left many personal injury courts, judges and juries, left to adapt to the evidence presented.

Social media posts is a form of electronic communications and are considered written documents under California Law . Written statements made by the injured victim outside of court are admissible. Therefore, posts made by the injured victim, and possibly the victims family and friends, will be used against the outstanding personal injury claim or lawsuit.

Hire A Knowledgeable Personal Injury Attorney

When it comes to your personal injury lawsuit and social media, it is important to be careful about what you say. Even innocent posts can work against you. Posting on social media during an outstanding personal injury claim or lawsuit can be dangerous. In other words, after an accident that results in injuries, limiting your use of social media activity is encouraged. This will help lead to a successful personal injury claim or lawsuit.

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