Chrysler Driver Injured in Vehicle Crash on Miramar Road [Sorrento Valley, CA]

Person Hurt in Interstate 5 Multi-Vehicle Crash [Valencia, CA]

Person Hurt in Multi-Vehicle Crash on Interstate 5 [Valencia, CA]

Person Hurt in Multi-Vehicle Crash on Interstate 5 [Valencia, CA]

Person Hospitalized in Multi-Car Crash on Southbound Interstate 5

Valencia, CA (March 20, 2021) – On Friday, one person was injured in a multi-vehicle crash on Interstate 5.
Officers responded to the crash scene at 4:20 near Rye Canyon Road wherein three to four vehicles were involved.
Immediately, rescuers rushed the victim to a local hospital.
Officers temporarily closed the number one and two lanes of the southbound 5 Freeway as they investigated the incident.
Meanwhile, there were no other injuries reported in the incident.
We can minimize the risks of vehicle collisions by keeping a safe distance from others on the road. Follow all road signs and traffic lights, put all smartphones away when driving, and pay attention to the road ahead.
Always pay attention to other drivers, especially on busy freeways. Whenever you are behind the wheel of a vehicle, it is your responsibility to follow all traffic laws. Make sure to avoid distractions that can lead to serious auto accidents. As a driver, maintain a safe speed and only drive when you are alert and sober.

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