2 People Dead, 1 Injured in Crash on Dillon and Berdoo Canyon Road [Riverside County, CA]

Person Airlifted in Semi-Truck Collision on Interstate 15 [Baker, CA]

Person Airlifted in Semi-Truck Crash on Interstate 15 [Baker, CA]

Person Airlifted in Semi-Truck Crash on Interstate 15 [Baker, CA]

Collision on Interstate 15 Injures One

Baker, CA (May 27, 2021) – On Thursday, a person was injured in a semi-truck collision on Interstate 15.
The accident took place at about 5:19 a.m. near Mile Marker 143.
When officers arrived at the accident scene, they discovered two semis involved with one of them on fire.
Rescuers airlifted the critically injured victim to a trauma center.
Furthermore, the California Highway Patrol said all three lanes were blocked and Caltrans was notified of a hard closure.
Finally, the fire on the semi-truck was knocked down by 6:27 A.M.
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