Fleeing Driver Arrested after Crash on Lone Tree Way and Muirwood Drive [Antioch, CA]

People Trapped in Hit-and-Run Crash Near Newhall Ranch Road [Santa Clarita, CA]

People Trapped in Hit-and-Run Crash Near Newhall Ranch Road [Santa Clarita, CA]

People Trapped Hit-and-Run Crash Near Newhall Ranch Road [Santa Clarita, CA]

Truck Overturns in Crash Near Newhall Ranch Road

Santa Clarita, CA (January 08, 2021) – On Tuesday, people were trapped, while police arrested the suspect in a hit-and-run crash near Newhall Ranch Road.
The authorities received the crash report at 7:53 p.m. at the intersection of Copper Hill Drive.
When responders arrived, they located all the trapped vehicle occupants were safely exited.
Meanwhile, Fire Department officials evaluated the people’s condition and did not take anyone to the hospital.
One of the involved vehicles’ driver fled the scene on foot after the crash. However, deputies found the suspect after a brief search.
Furthermore, firefighters responded and evaluated the suspect for minor injuries.
He complained of neck, back, and leg pain. Fire Department personnel did not take him to the hospital.
Always maintain the recommended driving speed to avoid accidents.

What Can a Crash Victim Do

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