Person Dies in Six-Vehicle Crash on 10 Freeway [Santa Monica, CA]

People Injured in DUI Crash on Eucalyptus Avenue [Moreno Valley, CA]

People Injured in DUI Crash on Eucalyptus Avenue [Moreno Valley, CA]

People Injured in DUI Crash on Eucalyptus Avenue [Moreno Valley, CA]

People Hospitalized in DUI Crash on Eucalyptus Avenue

Moreno Valley, CA (December 17, 2020) – On Wednesday, people were seriously injured in a DUI crash on Eucalyptus Avenue and Kitching Street.
Deputies from the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, Moreno Valley Station, responded to the crash at about 7:31 A.M.
When they arrived, they located three vehicles involved in the accident. Also, they located several occupants suffering from varying injuries.
The Moreno Valley Sheriff’s Station Traffic Collision Reconstruction Team responded to the scene and investigated the scene.
The preliminary investigation revealed that a green Toyota Tacoma was moving eastbound on Eucalyptus Avenue at a fast speed, approaching Kitching Street.

Missing a Stop Sign Could Cause Accidents

The Tacoma failed to stop for a posted stop sign as it entered the intersection. As a result, the vehicle struck a white Toyota Camry.
Then, after striking the Toyota Camry, the Toyota Tacoma flew over the air and flipped over the top of a Hyundai Sonata that was traveling westbound on Eucalyptus Avenue.
The Toyota Tacoma continued to roll over until it stopped on its roof near the intersection of Coralberry Way and Eucalyptus Avenue.
At the same time, some of the employees in the nearby City of Moreno Valley witnessed the incident. Immediately, they responded to the scene and assisted those injured.
One of them removed a juvenile passenger from the Toyota Tacoma, while the other extinguished a small fire in the engine compartment.
Meanwhile, rescuers rushed the occupants of the Toyota Tacoma and Toyota Camry to local area hospitals for medical treatment.
On the other hand, the Hyundai occupant did not get injured from the incident.
Due to the incident, Eucalyptus Avenue between Kentland Lane and Coralberry Street was closed. Similarly, Kitching Street, between Wedmore Drive and Atwood Avenue were shut.
The authorities withheld the identities of the involved parties pending further investigation.
Moreover, authorities consider alcohol and/or drugs as factors in the crash. Please call Deputy Richard Sayles of the Moreno Valley Sheriff’s Station at 951-486-6885 or the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department at 951-776-1099 if you have further details about the incident.
Driving can be very dangerous if you don’t follow common safety measures on the road.

The Truth About Injury Accidents

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