Juan Hernandez Martinez and Another, Injured in Fatal Crash on State Route 20 [Williams, CA]

People Injured in Crash on Huntington Avenue [San Bruno, CA]

People Injured in Crash on Huntington Avenue [San Bruno, CA]

People Injured in Crash on Huntington Avenue [San Bruno, CA]

Huntington Avenue Crash Injures People, Suspect Arrested

San Bruno, CA (April 17, 2021) – on Thursday, 8th of April, 3 people were injured following a crash on Huntington Avenue.
According to the San Bruno Police, they have arrested the man responsible for the crash.
Moreover, he will be facing charges for evading officers, possession of a stolen vehicle, and multiple hit-and-run crashes.
According to reports, at about 12:15 p.m. last April 8, police saw a pickup truck reported stolen, with 2 occupants.
This happened on the 1100 block of Huntington Avenue, almost by the Tanforan shopping center.
Meanwhile, the pickup suddenly drove off at high speed after officers attempt a traffic stop, thus a chase started.

The Pursuit

Authorities cut the chase shortly after the pickup hit another vehicle. The pickup struck 2 more vehicles before forcing them to stop at the intersection of Huntington Avenue and San Bruno Avenue.
Shortly, police are chasing the suspects on foot afterward.
Meanwhile, in a search of the stolen vehicle, police found evidence in connection with recent crimes in San Mateo County, including residential burglary, vehicle burglary, and mail theft.

The Aftermath of the Chase

According to police, paramedics took the driver, his passenger, and one of the motorists they struck during the chase to a nearby hospital.
Furthermore, after the treatment of the 45-year-old male suspect, authorities sent him to the San Mateo County jail.
Incidentally, he will be facing several charges in relation to the aforementioned crimes.
Lastly, no information is available when the suspect will appear in court.
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