Driver Injured in Coca-Cola Truck-Sedan Crash on Highway 108 [Istanislaus County, CA]

Pedestrian Struck and Injured by Semi-Truck in Accident Broadway Street[Eureka, CA]

Pedestrian Struck and Injured by Semi-Truck on Broadway Street [Eureka, CA]

Pedestrian Struck and Injured by Semi-Truck on Broadway Street [Eureka, CA]

Person Struck and Dragged by Semi-Truck in Accident Broadway Street

Eureka, CA (April 22, 2021) – On Wednesday, a pedestrian was struck and injured by semi-truck in an accident on Broadway Street.
The accident took place minutes after 4 p.m. near the intersection of West Clark Street.
Apparently, witnesses said that the pedestrian was also dragged by the semi after being struck.
Meanwhile, officers closed the number 2 lane of southbound Broadway Street for a time as emergency personnel helped the victim. Afterward, they closed both southbound lanes for a longer time while the southbound traffic was directed to use the turn lane.
Rescuers rushed the victim was taken to the hospital.
Always be a defensive driver to keep everyone safe on the road.

The Aftermath of Pedestrian Accident

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