Kerrie Johnson Dies in Crash on Pacific Coast Highway [Malibu, CA]

Pedestrian Killed in Minivan Crash on Stapley Drive and Southern Avenue [Mesa, AZ]

Pedestrian Killed in Minivan Crash on Stapley Drive and Southern Avenue [Mesa, AZ]

Pedestrian Killed in Minivan Crash on Stapley Drive and Southern Avenue [Mesa, AZ]

Man Killed in Minivan Crash on Stapley Drive in Mesa

Mesa, AZ (June 13, 2020)– One unidentified pedestrian died after a minivan crash on Stapley Drive and Southern Avenue on June 13.
According to reports, the man was jaywalking when a minivan struck him, killing him on the spot. However, events leading up to this crash remains unspecified.
Moreover, police say it is unclear if the driver was speeding or impaired, also if the pedestrian was impaired remains unknown at this time.
Further investigation is ongoing.

Sweet Lawyers would like to extend our sincerest sympathies to the family and loved ones of the deceased. May the people closest to him find comfort and peace in this trying time.

As everyone’s version of normal adjusts to the effects of recent events, walking outside has increased in commonality. However, more pedestrians are vulnerable to traffic accidents. It is therefore vital to know how to proceed if your family member is involved in a similar accident.

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