Olinda Limache-Abregu Struck and Killed in Rider Street Crash [Perris, CA]

Pedestrian Critically Injured in Car Crash on Rainier Avenue [Renton, WA]

Pedestrian Critically Injured in Car Crash on Rainier Avenue [Renton, WA]

Pedestrian Critically Injured in Car Crash on Rainier Avenue [Renton, WA]

Pedestrian Hospitalized after Car Crash on Rainier Avenue in Renton

Renton, WA (October 10, 2020) – Saturday morning, a pedestrian sustained critical injuries in a car crash on Rainier Avenue.
The crash happened on the morning of October 10.
Authorities say the victim suffered critical injuries and immediately taken to Harborview Medical Center.
Meanwhile, the driver of the vehicle cooperated with the officials and determined not to be impaired.
Moreover, police closed the southbound lanes of Rainier Avenue South during preliminary duties.
Further investigation is ongoing.
Pedestrian accidents are avoidable if people are aware and alert enough to follow simple safety measures. When jogging, running, or walking, one should remain beside the street or on the shoulder of the road. Furthermore, wait for the “walk” signal before crossing the intersections. Above all, avoid the use of smartphones and other electronic devices while walking.

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