Transient Woman Killed in Crash on Valley View Boulevard and Viking Road [Las Vegas, NV]

Pedestrian Accident Lawyers can Help You Get the Compensation You Deserve

Getting hit by a vehicle is most likely going to result in serious injuries, depending on the size and speed of the car. Being involved in a pedestrian-car accident is extremely scary and unsettling.
What is even crazier than getting hit by a car, is how often pedestrians get blamed for the accident. Insurance companies will concoct whatever excuse they can to pay as little as possible to the victim. One of the ways they save money is by placing you at fault.
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Free Consultation with a Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

What sometimes happens is that the pedestrian is rushed to the hospital and only the driver is left to tell their tale (especially if there were no witnesses present). It’s not surprising that by only having an official report from one-side, this report will most likely favor the driver. You can bet your money that insurance companies will use this against you to devalue your claim.
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Can I Trust the Insurance Company?

The simple answer is no. Insurance companies have a very clever business model. They will take your money and then when it comes time for them to pay out, they will nickel and dime you for every penny. Remember, they want to help their company save money, not help you recover.
Call us and make sure your rights are protected. We can help ensure you get the medical treatment and compensation you need, so that you’re not footing the bill for injuries someone caused to you.
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