Two Women Injured in Vehicle Crash on Benicia-Martinez Bridge [Benicia, CA]

At Least One Injured in Three-Car Collision on West El Camino Avenue [Sacramento, CA]

At Least One Injured in Three-Car Crash on West El Camino Avenue [Sacramento, CA]

At Least One Injured in Three-Car Crash on West El Camino Avenue [Sacramento, CA]

Collision on West El Camino Avenue Sends One to Hospital

Sacramento, CA – (February 28, 2021) – On Saturday, at least one person was injured in a three-car collision on West El Camino Avenue.
The incident took place on the westbound lanes of the freeway wherein responders took one person to the hospital with minor injuries.
Meanwhile, the accident caused major delays on Interstate 80.
As a result, authorities closed multiple lanes but were reopened within 20 minutes.
As always, defensive driving can lessen the chance of serious road accidents happening.

Personal Injury Attorneys Can Help You

Despite the peculiar circumstances of this year, auto accidents continue to be a part of daily life.
Each year, around 20-50 million people suffer injuries due to an auto crash. To prevent this from happening, use road signals to communicate with those you are driving alongside
Moreover, it’s also crucial that everyone remains calm to properly handle the immediate aftermath of an automobile collision.
Furthermore, the most valuable step you can take in response to a vehicle crash is hiring a personal injury attorney. Personal injury attorneys prioritize your recovery while securing your future from further losses a severe accident can bring.
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