Minor Injures in Interstate 90 Multi-Vehicle Crash [Carson City, NV]

Officer Nick Cirello Injured, David Pangilinan Arrested in Vehicle Crash on West Washington Avenue [El Cajon, CA]

Officer Nick Cirello Injured, David Pangilinan Arrested in Vehicle Crash on West Washington Avenue [El Cajon, CA]

Officer Nick Cirello Injured, David Pangilinan Arrested in Vehicle Crash on West Washington Avenue [El Cajon, CA]

Nick Cirello Hospitalized Following West Washington Avenue Accident in El Cajon

El Cajon, CA (December 21, 2020) – On Friday, Nick Cirello, an El Cajon police officer, was released from the hospital after a crash on West Washington Avenue.
The authorities received a report of an SUV that was partially blocking the road at around 8:30 a.m. near South Magnolia Avenue.
When officers arrived, they located the driver and his female passenger asleep.
Responding officers woke them up, but the driver, now identified as David Pangilinan, gave them a false name.
Then, the driver started the SUV, putting it into gear.
Cirello tried to stop the driver from leaving. However, he ended up partially trapped in the vehicle. The SUV dragged him as it sped away.
Additionally, Mr. Cirello was hit by another car on the road while he was hanging from the moving SUV.
Finally, the police officer was thrown from the SUV and landed on the roadway.

Police Identifies Pangilinan

Later on, authorities found the SUV abandoned nearby. They determined it to be a rented vehicle.
Also on that same day, police identified Pangilinan as the suspect.
Moreover, police described Pangilinan as a Pacific Islander standing at about 5 feet 6 inches. Authorities also said Pangilinan weighed between 180 and 200 pounds.
Police described him to be with brown hair and eyes. The Sheriff’s Department lists his last known address as Van Nuys in the San Fernando Valley.
Sheriff’s Department records show a $5 million warrant for Pangilinan’s arrest was issued.
Furthermore, police officer Cirello was hired by the El Cajon Police Department in August 2018.
Due to the crash, Cirello stayed in intensive care until his release Friday.
He sustained significant injuries from the incident. Even so, he is expected to fully recover.
The El Cajon Police Department sincerely thanks the public for their support and concern for Officer Cirello and his recovery.
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