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Multiple Vehicles Involved in Alleged DUI Crash in Salinas [Salinas, CA]

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Multiple Vehicles Involved in Alleged DUI Crash in Salinas [Salinas, CA]

No Injuries Reported in Salinas DUI Accident

SALINAS, CA (May 27, 2020) – Friday morning, an alleged DUI crash in Salinas involved several vehicles, police revealed.
According to the authorities, the crash did not result in any major injuries. However, a driver was under evaluation for possible DUI.
Meanwhile, the police added that the incident involved at least five cars.
None of the vehicles involved have been identified by the police. Moreover, towing services were requested in the area due to the extent of damage sustained.
The surrounding area in Salinas was closed off for a brief time during cleanup and preliminary duties. However, the roadway has since reopened to traffic.
To avoid being involved in an accident, one must practice safe driving habits on the road at all times. Also, do it even when it is empty. Moreover, practice it even when there is no police officer around to make sure you make a complete stop.

Knowing How to Deal With A Serious Car Accident

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