1 Person Injured in Two-Vehicle Crash on South Carson Street and Fairview Drive [Carson City, NV]

Motorist Apprehended for at Least a Dozen Hit-And-Runs on Interstate 80 [Reno, NV]

Motorist Apprehended for at Least a Dozen Hit-And-Runs on Interstate 80 [Reno, NV]]

Motorist Apprehended for at Least a Dozen Hit-And-Runs on Interstate 80 [Reno, NV]]

Motorist Arrested on I-80 Committed Minimum of 12 Hit-And-Run Crashes Friday in Reno

Reno, Nevada (June 06, 2020) – A motorist was arrested on at least 12 counts of hit-and-run crashes Friday on I-80 near the California State line.
NHP Trooper Hannah DeGoey confirmed the motorist collided with other cars 12 to 15 times in Reno, before traveling west on the I-80.
The motorist continued driving irregularly as police received reports of him. At one point, he got on the wrong side of the interstate shoulder.
Officials apprehended the driver beyond the California border. Consequently, CHP made the arrest on the driver.
NHP suspects a disability might have caused the incident.

Road Awareness and Self Awareness

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), two out of three motorists will be involved in an injury accident during their life. Similarly, it is valuable to know what to do if you get involved in a motor vehicle accident.
If you are not well or fit to drive, ask a family member or a relative. So that you can avoid getting into accidents or causing avoidable damages to you or properties. Hence, never attempt to do it yourself, as it may lead to disastrous results.
Practice safe driving habits on the road at all times… even when it is empty, or no police officer around to make sure you make a full and complete stop.

The Road That Lies Ahead

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