Zachary Thomas Injured in Accident on Avenue N-3 and 32nd Street [Palmdale, CA]

Motorcyclist Airlifted After Crash on Amargosa Road and Key Pointe Drive [Hesperia, CA]

Motorcyclist Airlifted After Crash on Amargosa Road and Key Pointe Drive [Hesperia, CA]

Motorcyclist Airlifted After Crash on Amargosa Road and Key Pointe Drive [Hesperia, CA]

1 Injured in Hesperia Motorcycle Accident on Amargosa Road

HESPERIA, CA (October 5, 2020) – Sunday afternoon, a motorcyclist was airlifted after a crash on Amargosa Road and Key Pointe Drive.
The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Deputies and fire personnel responded at 1:51 p.m. The incident took place on Amargosa Road about a half-mile from Key Pointe Drive.
When the authorities arrived, they found the male rider on the east shoulder of Amargosa Road.
According to a witness, the rider traveled at a high rate of speed. It even passed her up as she headed north on Amargosa Road.
“There were two motorcycles that were riding next to each other. That’s when one bike sped past my car and crashed into the white SUV. He came so close to my car as he passed me up at high speeds that it scared me,” the witness said.
According to preliminary reports, the motorcyclist lost control around the curve. As a result, he went into the dirt shoulder until he was thrown off from his bike.

Further Details on the Amargosa Road Crash

Once ejected, the motorcycle went north on Amargosa Road and crashed with the side of a southbound white SUV.
“I was behind the white SUV when I noticed a motorcycle coming our way with no rider on it, I thought it fell off a truck or something,” another witness revealed.
“When we realized it was a crash, we were looking for the rider everywhere because his bike was so far away from where he landed,” the witness added.
Due to the severity of injuries, the San Bernardino County Fire dispatched an airship. It landed near Baker’s Drive-Thru on Key Pointe Drive. Then, the male motorcyclist was flown to a trauma center with life-threatening injuries.
Meanwhile, the friend of the rider stopped and gave details of the incident to authorities.
Furthermore, the white SUV’s male driver was uninjured. As of this time, the details provided were limited.
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The Rising Numbers of Accident in the US

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