Juan Hernandez Martinez and Another, Injured in Fatal Crash on State Route 20 [Williams, CA]

Minor Injuries Reported in Vehicle Crash on 215 Beltway[Las Vegas, NV]

Minor Injuries Reported in Vehicle Crash on 215 Beltway [Las Vegas, NV]

Minor Injuries Reported in Vehicle Crash on 215 Beltway [Las Vegas, NV]

NHP Vehicle -Sedan Crash on 215 Beltway Resulted in Injuries

Las Vegas, NV (April 30, 2021) – On Thursday, minor injuries were reported in a vehicle crash on 215 Beltway.
The accident happened at Jones Boulevard wherein a car struck a Nevada Highway Patrol vehicle on its way to a crash.
Officers said the trooper was northbound toward westbound 215 Beltway when a southbound white Mercedes struck the patrol vehicle as it turned right.
Right away, rescuers rushed the injured trooper to a hospital.
Meanwhile, officers said it is too early to tell if impairment was a factor in the accident.
The perverse actions of a reckless driver can increase the likelihood of traffic collisions. If you are a driver, pay close attention to those around you. Always keep a considerable distance from others just in case harm is near.

Protectig Yourself Against Crash Injuries

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