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Matthew Lopez Arrested in DUI Crash on Santa Fe Street and Tulare Avenue [Visalia, CA]

5 Passengers Injured in Visalia Accident on Santa Fe Street

VISALIA, CA (September 6, 2020) – Saturday morning, Matthew Lopez was arrested after a DUI crash on Santa Fee Street.
According to reports, the incident occurred at about 3:00 a.m. on Santa Fe Street and Tulare Avenue. 18-year-old Matthew Lopez drove with five passengers near downtown Visalia. However, Lopez allows his Chrysler 300 steer into a parked car then over-corrected. Then, he veered his vehicle across all lanes of traffic until he crashed into a tree.
Thus, the police responded to the scene after 911 calls. Meanwhile, medical responders transported all five passengers and Lopez to Kaweah Delta Medical Center.
After receiving treatment for minor injuries, three passengers were released. Meanwhile, the two passengers stayed at the hospital with serious injuries, Sgt. Mark Feller revealed.
On the other hand, upon being cleared by doctors, authorities arrested Matthew Lopez on suspicion of felony DUI causing injury.
At this time, the authorities haven’t confirmed the total number of passengers and whether Lopez wore a seatbelt.
According to authorities, Lopez could be jailed and may pay more than $10,000 and medical bills for all five passengers, aside from court fees and DUI classes.
At this time, the police didn’t reveal Lopez’s blood-alcohol content.

The Risks of Driving Under the Influence

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