Man Riding Horse Injured in Car Crash Near Casa Loma County Park [Bakersfield, CA]

Man Riding Horse Injured in Car Crash Near Casa Loma County Park [Bakersfield, CA]

Man Riding Horse Injured in Car Crash Near Casa Loma County Park [Bakersfield, CA]


Car Crash Near Casa Loma County Park Involving Horse Left 1 Man Injured

Bakersfield, CA (May 26, 2020)– A car crash involving a horse and a man riding it occurred near Casa Loma County Park on Saturday evening.
The California Highway Patrol responded to the incident near Casa Loma Drive and Madison Street. According to the report, the crash took place at about 7:18 p.m.
Reports later said the collision involved a vehicle and a man riding a horse. The man sustained injuries from the crash. However, the severity of his injuries is still unknown.
Currently, there are no further details about the incident. Once available, it will be released to the public.

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