Pedestrian Injured in Hit-And-Run Crash near Shaw Avenue [Clovis, CA]

Man Hospitalized after Pedestrian Crash near NE 20th Street and NE 140th Avenue [Bellevue, WA]

Landis Gibbs Dies in Hit-and-Run Accident on Domenigoni Parkway [Hemet, CA]

Man Hospitalized after Pedestrian Crash near NE 20th Street and NE 140th Avenue [Bellevue, WA]

1 Injured in Bellevue Pedestrian Accident near NE 20th Street

BELLEVUE, WA (September 15, 2020) – Monday morning, a man suffered injuries in a pedestrian crash near NE 20th Street.
The crash investigators revealed that the driver of a vehicle traveled east on N.E. 20th Street. As it made a turn onto 140th Street, the vehicle hit the pedestrian.
As a result, responders transported the victim to a nearby hospital. Meanwhile, the police shut down the eastbound lanes of N.E. 20th Street at NE 140th Avenue Street for multiple hours. However, the roads have since reopened.
Due to lack of details, the events leading up to the collision remain unclear.
At this time, the authorities continue to investigate the serious pedestrian crash near NE 20th Street.

Facts about Pedestrians and Accidents

Pedestrians have the right of way at any crosswalk or intersection. Therefore, it’s a driver’s responsibility to yield and be prepared to stop.
While car accidents are far more common than pedestrian accidents, there is still reason to be wary when traveling on foot.
Furthermore, common locations for these pedestrian incidents include shopping center entrances, street corners, and intersections.

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