Aldo Cantabrana and Sergeant Injured in Vehicle Crash on Highway 247 [Johnson Valley, CA]

Linda Johnson Hospitalized after Crash on Bridgeport Way and Filbert Lane [Lakewood, WA]

Linda Johnson Hospitalized after Crash on Bridgeport Way and Filbert Lane [Lakewood, WA]

Linda Johnson Hospitalized after Crash on Bridgeport Way and Filbert Lane [Lakewood, WA]

1 Injured in Lakewood Car Crash on Bridgeport Way

LAKEWOOD, WA (May 19, 2020) – Friday night, 62-year-old Linda Johnson sustained injuries in a crash on Bridgeport Way in Lakewood.
According to her daughter, the 62-year-old nurse is now recovering following a collision involving a male driver traveling at 100 mph.
The incident occurred at about 6:30 p.m. on Bridgeport Way Southwest and Filbert Lane.
After the crash, Linda Johnson remained pinned inside the wreckage. Two passersby came to aid and free her.
Katie Johnson, the victim’s daughter, revealed that Linda sustained bruises all over her body and two broken toes.
“I kept being told she should not be alive,” Katie added. “The EMT who had my mom said he had been an EMT for 20 years and he had never seen an accident this horrible before.”

Incident Aftermath

Linda Johnson is a nurse at Western State Hospital in Lakewood. She was just purchasing food for some of her colleagues when the collision occurred.
“She was out doing something good for these front line nurses and then this guy came and did this,” Kati Johnson added. Johnson also revealed that the driver drove despite a suspended license and no insurance.

“Without this guy having insurance, it’s all falling on her,” she stated.

To help pay the expenses, Katie started a GoFundMe account for her mother, Linda Johnson.

Meanwhile, the driver didn’t suffer serious injuries and will possibly face charges.

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