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How to File a Personal Injury Lawsuit Involving an Intentional Act

While most personal injury claims result from negligent actions, there are some actions that are intentional- which are acts that are willful and intend physical harm to another. When the offender acts with the intention to cause direct harm to another, they may also be responsible for committing a criminal act.
Here, we will provide you information to clarify willful acts and on how to file a personal injury lawsuit involving an intentional act.

Insurance Policy Exclusions

Most insurance policies do not cover intentional acts or criminal actions of the offender. That is because most insurance policies have exclusions in their agreement that state that if the insured willfully and intentionally commits harm against another, coverage will be denied.
For example, if a person purposely hits you with their car, their car insurance will not cover the property and bodily injury damages incurred.
Car insurance policies are intended to protect and cover collisions against an unforeseen event, such as an accident. An accident is considered to be unexpected event that causes damage or bodily injuries.

Criminal Offences

The person who intends harm performs an intentional act to another and causes injury or death may face criminal charges. Depending in the state where the incident occurred and the degree of harm made, the offender may face the following:

  • Pay restitution
  • Go to court and defend criminal charges
  • Possibly serve jail or prison time

Victims of crime can obtain both restitution and civil damages from the offender. A victim can sue an offender civilly, even if the offender has been ordered to pay restitution fees from the criminal courts. Compensation in a personal injury case may include losses not covered by restitution, such as reimbursement for medical bills, damages for pain and suffering, and even punitive damages; an award to punish the insured for the wrongdoing .

Experienced Lawyers Recovering Damages for an Intentional Act

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