Kevin Matul Muralles Arrested in DUI Crash on Foothill Boulevard [San Luis Obispo, CA]

Kevin Matul Muralles Arrested in DUI Crash on Foothill Boulevard [San Luis Obispo, CA]
Kevin Matul Muralles Arrested in DUI Crash on Foothill Boulevard [San Luis Obispo, CA]

1 Injured in 1 Arrested in San Luis Obispo Auto Accident on Foothill Boulevard

SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA (September 7, 2021) – Sunday night, authorities arrested Kevin Matul Muralles after a DUI crash on Foothill Boulevard.
According to San Luis Obispo Police Department, at around 11:23 p.m., a westbound vehicle traveled at a high rate of speed. Then, it clipped a car that stopped in red light.
Afterward, it veered across all lanes and collided with a PG&E power pole. Eventually, it hit several parked vehicles and came into rest in a front yard.
Reports revealed that the suspect driver, 24-year-old Kevin Matul Muralles attempted to flee the scene. However, some nearby residents of the area stopped him.
Furthermore, responders transported a passenger inside Matul Muralles’ vehicle to a hospital with minor injuries.
Moreover, authorities arrested Matul Muralles for DUI and for a warrant for violating his DUI probation.
Meanwhile, the incident damaged several power and communication lines. Also, it caused power loss to parts of downtown San Luis Obispo.
The incident remains under investigation.

What Happens After Crash in San Luis Obispo

May this be a reminder to all drivers that operating a vehicle is a responsibility that should not be taken lightly. Put all distractions away and be careful around other travelers. Also, keep a safe distance from other vehicles around you. Thus, by being a defensive driver, you can minimize the risks of accidents.

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