Motorcyclist Injured in Hit-and-Run Crash on Highway 33 near Lemon Avenue [Patterson, CA]

Jeffery Larry Dies in Hit-and-Run Crash on Hayes Street [San Francisco, CA]

Jeffery Larry Dies in Hit-and-Run Crash on Hayes Street [San Francisco, CA]

Jeffery Larry Dies in Hit-and-Run Crash on Hayes Street [San Francisco, CA]

Jeffery Larry Killed in San Francisco Hit And Run Motorcycle Accident

San Francisco, CA (October 22, 2020) – On Wednesday, 42-year-old Jeffery Larry died in a hit-and-run crash on Hayes Street and Masonic Avenue.
The fatal accident happened at about 4 a.m. on October 14.
Larry’s family visited the hit and run crash site and hung up mementos in his honor.
They and the community are grieving his untimely death.
Furthermore, the authorities have not yet found the driver who killed Larry.
“He was a loving person he was a good father he was loving he was very silly he had a good heart and he was just overall a good person,” his sister, Renee Dunn, said.
Born and raised in the city by the bay, the victim died in this San Francisco hit-and-run.
“We don’t know anything, just that he was hit his motorcycle was in the middle of the intersection and his body was about 60 something feet away,” Dunn said.
Furthermore, a neighbor saw emergency lights and went to the chaotic scene that haunted her since.
“Well it stuck with me and I think about it every day and the more that time goes by the sadder and the more upset I get both about what happened but also the loss to Jeff’s family,” Jennifer Pattee said.

Searching for the Suspect Driver

“We have been talking to neighbors we have been reaching out to the investigator, the police. We don’t have anything right now we’re just totally lost as to what happened and how it happened and why it happened,” Dunn said.
Moreover, there are no known witnesses who might have seen the hit-and-run driver. As of yet, police do not have a description of who to look out for.
“I want people to imagine that this was their family member, if this was their son, cousin, brother, nephew, just imagine it being your family member left on the street to die you would want someone to come forward so you know,” Dunn said.
Apparently, the victim is a father of two. He leaves behind a 22-year-old daughter and a 7-year-old son.
Meanwhile, the authorities ask anyone with information to call SFPD.

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