Unspecified Injuries in Crash on Interstate 680 [San Ramon, CA]

Janet Jimenez Injured in Solo Vehicle Crash on Highway 1 at Solomon Road [Orcutt, CA]

Janet Jimenez Injured in Solo Vehicle Crash on Highway 1 at Solomon Road [Orcutt, CA]

Janet Jimenez Injured in Solo Vehicle Crash on Highway 1 at Solomon Road [Orcutt, CA]

Janet Jimenez and Raquel Jiminez-Zurita after Rollover Crash on Highway 1 at Solomon Road in Orcutt

Orcutt, CA (August 6, 2020) – On Monday morning, Janet Jimenez and Raquel Jiminez-Zurita sustained injuries in a solo vehicle crash into a power pole on Highway 1 at Solomon Road.
Dispatched officers responded and found an overturned vehicle with significant damage. Moreover, there were live powerlines on the ground and 10-15 gallons of gasoline in the area from the vehicle.
Emergency crews safely extricated the the driver, Raquel, and Janet, the passenger, and transported them to a nearby hospital with moderate injuries.
The driver was reportedly driving at a high rate of speed.
Police later arrested her on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol.

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