2 People Dead, 1 Injured in Crash on Dillon and Berdoo Canyon Road [Riverside County, CA]

Injuries in Truck Crash on Cherry Avenue [Fontana, CA]

Injuries Reported in Truck Crash on Cherry Avenue [Fontana, CA]

Injuries Reported in Truck Crash on Cherry Avenue [Fontana, CA]

Fontana Two-Truck Crash Resulted in Injury

Fontana, CA (May 27, 2021) – On Tuesday, injuries were reported in a two-truck crash on Cherry Avenue.
The accident took place at Bar Harbor Road intersection.
Since you cannot read the intention of the driver in front of you, don’t tailgate. Make it your practice to always maintain some distance between your vehicle and the one ahead in order to give yourself enough response time should the vehicle ahead make a sudden turn or stop.
Also, always be extra cautious in bad weather: increase the space between your vehicle and the one ahead, consider driving below the speed limit, and be alert around curves. If the driving conditions worsen, consider waiting it out in a safe place.
When the visibility is affected, either by fog or snow, and you decide to park by the side of the road, make sure to turn off your lights. Drivers also struggling with the poor visibility will be on the lookout for other cars to follow and they might not realize in time that yours is stationary.

Prevention of Accidents Is Better Than Cure

While driving is essential for many in order to move about in their lives, it is one of the most dangerous activities performed daily. That is because auto accidents are a major public health threat. Traffic accidents are a leading cause of death for individuals ages 5-64.
That is why it is indeed crucial that everyone drives defensively in order to avoid traffic accidents as much as possible.
Meanwhile, here are some of the things that we can do to practice defensive driving:
-First, always drive at a controllable speed.
-Then, it is also important not to assume you know the other driver’s intention.
– Also, be prepared to positively react to other drivers.
This one, we should never neglect. Yield at intersections, even if you have right of way.
Most importantly, stay focused on the road. Remove all distractions such as mobile phone use, unstrapped toddlers, etc.
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